Survey of the Health of Wisconsin presents Latino Community Health Survey at conference

The Wisconsin Research and Education Network recently invited Allison Rodriguez, a SHOW student investigator, to present at their annual conference in Madison.

The conference focused on lifelong learning in health care and the collaboration between primary care and population health research. Rodriguez presented on the Latino Community Health Survey, a study led by the Survey of the Health of Wisconsin that she has been coordinating for the last year.

The SHOW team is currently wrapping up data collection for the Latino Community Health Survey in Milwaukee. The survey was a pilot study to implement the traditional SHOW core survey using community-engaged research methods.

students at a table
Allison Rodriguez and SHOW field team member, Veronica Adams, recruiting participants at Puerto Rican Fest in Milwaukee.

Other changes included offering the survey in Spanish and focusing on data dissemination back to community members once the study concludes. This survey reached 100 Latinx adults living in the Milwaukee area. Data will be available in the SHOW database for interested researchers later this year.

Rodriguez has worked on this study as part of her Master of Public Health fieldwork and capstone project through UW-Madison’s School of Medicine and Public Health. In her work as a research program assistant, she collaborated with community leaders, SHOW researchers, and study participants. From planning meetings, to recruiting participants at community events, to conducting in-home interviews for data collection, Rodriguez has gotten to experience it all.

She shared that “working with SHOW on this project has complimented what I’ve learned in my classes and allowed me to directly apply new knowledge right away.” SHOW is one of many sites that MPH students can work with to complete either or both of their fieldwork and capstone projects.