SHOW staff member recognized for work in underserved communities

Tara Jackson, a field interviewer and community engagement specialist with the Survey of the Health of Wisconsin, along with the All of Us Milwaukee team, were named corporate sponsor of the year by United Migrant Opportunity Services.

The award was presented at United Migrant Opportunity Services’ awards luncheon on July 20.

As the community engagement specialist for the Survey of the Health of Wisconsin (SHOW), Jackson has led SHOW’s recruitment in underserved communities. She has immersed herself in the community she loves, partnering with other organizations like the United Migrant Opportunity Services, and working to build a stronger and healthier City of Milwaukee.

Photo of Tara Jackson
Jackson has a master’s degree in public health care and experience working with seniors, individuals with special needs and promoting healthy eating in communities.

“In order to receive the proper support needed to build healthier communities for African Americans and Latinos, we must make sure all voices are heard. I am working to bring education, access, awareness and representation to all communities,” Jackson said.

All of Us is a National Institutes of Health (NIH) research program occurring over the next five years that will collect health data from 1 million or more individuals and contribute to the future of precision medicine.

United Migrant Opportunity Services is a nonprofit advocacy organization that provides programs and services to improve employment, housing, education and health opportunities among underserved populations.

Health research often underrepresents these populations, which further perpetuates the lack of resources available to them. The Survey of the Health of Wisconsin aims to engage with underserved communities in Milwaukee and improve health data collection in these areas.