Health@Home Moves All About the House!

Casper, G. R., P. F. Brennan, C. Arnott Smith, N. E. Werner, and Y. He. Health@Home Moves All About the House!. Vol. 225, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 2016.

PMID: 27332185 PMCID: PMC5546307 It is now well recognized that patients play an important and active role in self-care and disease management, and many of these activities happen in their homes. Information technologies to support such care might be better used if they were designed taking into account the physical context of the home and the health information management needs of the residents. We conducted home-based interviews of 20 adults including an extensive analysis of their personal health information management (PHIM) tasks. Here we present these task descriptions, locations of their performance, and distribution across space and time. Implications for the informatics community include accommodating the distributed nature of tasks in the design of consumer technologies.

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