vizHOME–A context-based home assessment: Preliminary implications for informatics

Casper, G. R., P. Flatley Brennan, J. O. Perreault, and A. G. Marvin. VizHOME--A Context-Based Home Assessment: Preliminary Implications for Informatics. Vol. 216, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 2015.

The rapid migration of health care from the institution to the home presents a plethora of consumer health technology options.. The fit of these technologies to the users’ actual task performance and environment remains to be explored. In the vizHOME study, we set out to conduct in-depth analyses of health information management tasks conducted by individuals residing in 20 homes in the Midwestern United States who self-reported with diabetes. This paper will explore early results from five of the 13 assessments we have performed to-date. Early observations are described and implications for informatics are posited.

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