Microbiome Initiative

The mission of the Population-based Microbiome Research Core (PMRC) is to provide the University of Wisconsin research community expertise and resources to conduct microbiome research in the Survey of the Health of Wisconsin population.

In 2017, SHOW established the Population-based Microbiome Research Core with support from the Microbiome Initiative from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education. The PMRC is a unique resource at UW-Madison to complete client-driven microbiome research investigation.

The SHOW PMRC will assist graduate students, postdoctoral research fellows, faculty and staff, and research teams at UW-Madison to advance their microbiome research programs.

What we provide

The PMRC provides expertise and support to carry out microbiome research using the SHOW infrastructure, questionnaire and repository data.

Our team has a broad expertise in study design and protocol development, field logistics, epidemiology, biobanking, nutrition, microbiota analysis and biostatistics.

The core can also assist with IRB submission, data analysis, and grant development and submission.

Specimen repository

Samples to date include stool, skin, oral and nasal swabs. Linked environmental samples, including outdoor soil, household dust, water, and swabs of high-touch household surfaces were collected beginning in 2018.

Requests and proposals to collect other sample types can be made to researchers@show.wisc.edu.

Use of the specimen repository and SHOW data for microbiome research is reviewed by PMRC Scientific Oversight Committee.

Contact the Population-based Microbiome Research Core to get started: