Accessing Data

The Survey of the Health of Wisconsin (SHOW) has been collecting data annually since 2008. The data and biosamples are made available to qualified investigators and organizations to support cutting-edge research and discoveries that aim to improve health. SHOW also has capabilities of analyzing data upon request. We work with partners to ensure all human subject protections are properly in place before sharing data.

Steps to become a data user

  1. Explore what SHOW has to offer:

    • SHOW’s questionnaires page highlights all the topic areas available
    • Specific codebooks provide the exact question, and offer brief frequencies for the responses to questions
  2. Fill out a SHOW data request form:

    • See the Request Forms tab in the next section to determine which data request form suits your needs
  3. Submit the data request to

    • SHOW scientists will review the proposed work for any topic area overlap with current studies
    • The approval process typically takes between 1 and 2 weeks
  4. Receive an email with request status, and information for next steps.

    • If your request is approved, we will let you know how you can expect to receive your data!
    • If it is denied, we will discuss the reasoning behind the decision and necessary next steps.

For additional information on data analysis, see our suggested guidelines for working with SHOW data.


Grant proposals, summary data or exploratory data sets: Data request form

Manuscript proposal data sets: Manuscript proposal form

Requesting biobank samples: Biosample request form

Student research data set request: SHOW student project request v2

Classroom data use agreement: SHOW classroom data use agreement

SHOW is currently re-vamping our variable codebooks.

Visit our current codebook website.

Note: The codebook section is password protected. Fill out the form here to gain access. Contact the data team with any questions: .