Accessing and Using SHOW Data

Using SHOW Data

The Survey of the Health of Wisconsin (SHOW) has been collecting data annually since 2008. The data and biospecimen are available to investigators and organizations to support research that aims to improve health. We work with partners to ensure all human subject protections are properly in place before sharing data.

If you have any questions, email the Data Team at

Review Data Topics

Review available research topics and survey methods on our website before proceeding with your data request. 

Submit Data Request E-form

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Submit a Data Request

Set Up a Consult Meeting

Within 1 week a data team member will contact you to set up a consultation meeting.

Consult meeting

Show Staff will ask you about your IRB approval and a series of questions to ensure we can provide data that suits your needs

Receiving Data

You will receive your requested data within 2-3 weeks of your consultation meeting.

Survey design weights

To generalize findings to the target population and for proper, unbiased estimates and standard errors of estimates of the target population, sampling weights and the stratification and clustering of SHOW’s survey design may need to be incorporated into the analysis. Ignoring the complex design can lead to biased estimates and overstated significance levels. For more guidance, please contact the SHOW Data Team.

Analytical Guidance

SHOW uses a complex, probability sampling approach to identify households to visit each year. SHOW uses this approach to gather representative data on health and health determinants in Wisconsin.

To provide unbiased estimates for the target population, SHOW generates sample weights that accompany each data point. These reflect the sample design (probability of selection), adjustment for nonresponse, and post-stratification adjustment to bring the sample back to being representative of the target population based on a few demographic variables. Sample weights were generated for each person for each phase of data collection: the in-home/phone questionnaire, the self-administered questionnaire, and the sample collection visit.


If you publish on work you do with SHOW data, you must include the following acknowledgment:

Funding for the Survey of the Health of Wisconsin (SHOW) was provided by the Wisconsin Partnership Program PERC Award (233 AAG9971). The authors would also like to thank the University of Wisconsin Survey Center, SHOW administrative, field, and scientific staff, as well as all the SHOW participants for their contributions to this study. 

Data Deletion

Per our data use agreement, once you have completed your SHOW data project, you must delete all raw data and any potentially identifiable information.

If you still have questions about SHOW data, please contact the SHOW data team at