Description: The COMMUNITY questionnaire includes measures of sociopolitical control (items 1-8), sense of community (items 9-16) and community participation (items 17-20).

Additional Information/References/Data Sources: Record Source(s): Questions come from the Sense of Community Scale Sense of community items: Peterson, N. A., Speer, P. W., & McMillan, D. W. (2008). Validation of a brief sense of community scale: Confirmation of the principal theory of sense of community. Journal of Community Psychology, 36(1), 61-73. Community participation items: Speer, P. W., & Peterson, N. A. (2000). Psychometric properties of an empowerment scale: Testing cognitive, emotional, and behavioral domains. Social Work Research, 24(2), 109-118. Sociopolitical control items: Peterson, N. A., Lowe, J. B., Hughey, J., Reid, R. J., Zimmerman, M. A., & Speer, P. W. (2006). Measuring the intrapersonal component of psychological empowerment: Confirmatory factor analysis of the sociopolitical control scale. American Journal of Community Psychology, 38(3-4), 287-297

Instrument Used:
(instruments may vary slightly between survey iterations, below are the survey instruments as they were included in each survey year listed)