Acronym(s): CV19


In May 2020, the SHOW program launched its COVID-19 Community Impact Survey.

As a public health data infrastructure, we understand how an infectious disease outbreak can impact nearly all aspects of life.

The SHOW program pivoted our resources to create a population health survey to collect information on how the pandemic affects health as a whole.

For preliminary findings and detailed survey methods, see our pre-print publication.

Data Topics

  • The data set includes, and is not limited to:
  • Health status and perceptions of COVID-19 risk
  • COVID-19 exposures, testing
  • Lifestyle and coping strategy changes – hobbies, physical activity, etc.
  • Employment changes – change in job status, industry information
  • Economic hardship – food security – use of benefits
  • Emotional and mental health screeners
  • Access to health care – health care utilization – pre-existing conditions
  • Health promotion/prevention behaviors
  • Caregiving and impacts on family’s well-being – child and adult caregiving impacts

Additional Information/References/Data Sources: Learn more about this topic on the COVID-19 Project PageComparison of questions across waves

Instrument Used:
(instruments may vary slightly between survey iterations, below are the survey instruments as they were included in each survey year listed)

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