COVID-19 Studies

COVID-19 Community Impact Survey

In May 2020, the SHOW program launched its COVID-19 Community Impact Survey.

As a public health data infrastructure, we understand how an infectious disease outbreak can impact nearly all aspects of life.

The SHOW program pivoted our resources to create a population health survey to collect information on how the pandemic affects health as a whole.

For preliminary findings and detailed survey methods, see our methods paper.



About the Survey


We invited 5,502 past SHOW participants to take an online survey in three waves.

  • 1,403 participants completed our Wave 1 survey from late May through June 2020
  • 1,889 participants completed our Wave 2 survey from January to February 2021
  • 1,854 participants completed our 1-year follow-up Wave 3 survey in June 2021

Participants are from all across Wisconsin, all information is de-identified.
Note that final sample sizes for specific questions may be lower due to missing responses and skip logic.

We also collected biological samples from participants at multiple time points across 2020 and 2021, as part of the state-funded Past Antibody COVID-19 Community Survey.


Many participants completed several waves of survey collection:

Data Topics

You can find full surveys for each wave here:

Crosswalk – Comparison of questions across waves (excel file download)

The data set includes, and is not limited to:

  • Health status and perceptions of COVID-19 risk
  • COVID-19 exposures, testing
  • Lifestyle and coping strategy changes – hobbies, physical activity, etc.
  • Employment changes – change in job status, industry information
  • Economic hardship – food security – use of benefits
  • Emotional and mental health screeners
  • Access to health care – health care utilization – pre-existing conditions
  • Health promotion/prevention behaviors
  • Caregiving and impacts on family’s well-being – child and adult caregiving impacts

Connecting to Past SHOW Collection

Many topics included in the COVID Community Impact Survey were also included in past SHOW waves. If you’re interested in connecting this data to previous time points, please browse our topics page and submit a data request form.

Accessing the COVID-19 Public Use Data:



  1. HTML Codebooks – Variables and Frequencies List
    To access our codebooks, go to, then select “COVID-19 Impact Survey”.
  1. Annotated questionnaires
    1. Wave 1
    2. Wave 2
    3. Wave 3
  2. Crosswalk – Comparison of Questions Across Waves (excel file download)
  3. Analytic Notes
  4. COVID-19 Investigators
  5. COVID-19 Methods Paper
  6. 2022 SHOW Infrastructure Methods Paper
  7. 2010 SHOW Infrastructure Methods Paper