The Survey of the Health of Wisconsin (SHOW) has been collecting data annually since 2008. The data and biospecimen are made available to qualified investigators and organizations to support cutting-edge research and discoveries that aim to improve health. We work with partners to ensure all human subject protections are properly in place before sharing data.

Survey Data

  • Restricted Use Data | Require IRB Approval | Subject to Fee Structure
    • Original COVID-19 data
      • For variables that were modified for de-identification purposes
    • SHOW 2008-2013 data
      • For variables that were modified for de-identification purposes
    • SHOW 2014-2016 data
    • SHOW 2017 data
    • SHOW 2018-2019 data
      • City of Milwaukee Cohort
    • Data on minors (n=980 from 2014-2019)

For more information on accessing restricted data, see our data access and use page, and submit our data request form. For more information on how our data is collected, please see our Survey Methods page. See codebooks with frequencies for all survey topics on our codebooks website.

Survey Instruments

SHOW scientists use validated health questionnaires. Researchers are welcome to use our instruments for their own data collection.

Our survey/instrument topics fall into the following areas, please visit our topics page to view specifics:

  • Objective Measures of Health
  • Health & Health History
  • Mental Health
  • Healthcare
  • Health-related Behaviors
  • Physical & Built Environment
  • Social & Socioeconomic Determinants of Health
  • COVID-19
  • Demographics

Codebooks with frequencies and variables for all survey topics by year can be found on our codebooks website.

Fees for Services

SHOW now uses a fee-for-service model for all of the services listed above. Gathering quality survey data and biospecimen from around the state and offering high-quality services require resources from funders as well as cost-sharing from investigators using our services.

SHOW’s standard rate for data & analytic services is $123/hr for those within the UW, with a 15% discount for Cancer Center Members ($104.55/hr) and a 15% non-UW surcharge ($141.45/hr).

   Request Type    Estimated Cost Range
   Depending on complexity
   IRB requirements   
 Initial 30-minute Consultation Meeting    FREE    NO
   Restricted use data sets & data processing 

  • 2008-2016 baseline, complete 
  • 2017 longitudinal follow-up
  • 2018-2019 (focused population)
  • Stacking, merging, derived variable creation offered
   $3000+    YES

   Geographical linkage to other public use data

   (GIS-based linkage to census data, greenspace, DNR info, etc)

   $4000-$6000    YES
   Analytical & data science support

   (Basic statistics, table shells, multivariate linear logistic regression, etc)   

   TBD    YES
   Vital records & surveillance data Linkage

  • Link to immunizations, birth or mortality data
  • Cost based on sample size and extent of request
   TBD    YES

SHOW is temporarily not fulfilling data requests staff work urgently to complete data harmonization and migration to the cloud-based Platform X this fall. Please check back in June 2024 for data access.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

If you are requesting restricted use data or processing, geographical data linkages, vital records or surveillance data linkages, analytical & data science support, or biospecimen, you will need to provide the following before receiving requested data: 

  1. IRB approval letter, and
  2. A .pdf version of your IRB application

UW affiliation: If you are a UW student, post-doc, academic staff, and/or investigator, scientist, professor: you need to acquire UW Health Sciences IRB or IRB exemption (via ARROW); More information on UW IRB exemption is below (or website link)

Non-UW affiliation: If you are a non-UW researcher, clinician, investigator, student:  you need to acquire IRB or IRB exemption from your institution. 

Is an IRB approval needed, or IRB exemption needed?

Many secondary data analyses conducted with de-identified, coded data are IRB exempt, but we require a copy of IRB exemption approval letter and application before we can provide requested data.  Depending on the scope of research, a full IRB may be needed.

We require IRB exemption for all public health surveillance and monitoring, not just primary research. These can be done under typical Wisconsin Department of Human Services or local health department services IRB protocol and processes. See our UW IRB Help Document for more on seeking an exemption.